Get involved in CYT beyond the stage! CYT has many programs in place that foster theater arts in the community and we’d love for you to take part in the various initiatives that CYT has going on.


High School Youth Pursuing Excellence (HYPE) is a leadership training group designed to challenge and guide the advanced students of CYT to be leaders inside and outside of CYT. Getting involved by serving the community around them, continuing to grow as an individual, and committing themselves to excellence in all they do are the core components of this CYT program.


The CYT Decathlon Award recognizes exceptional CYT students who have demonstrated a love for theater by pursuing a well-rounded education in the theater arts and who have exhibited a character that is consistent with CYT values.  The Decathlon Award will be awarded to students, aged 16-18, who have met the  following requirements, within the past five years.
1. Completion of 2 Music Classes* 
2. Completion of 2 Dance Classes (must be different styles)* 
3. Completion of 2 Drama Classes* 
4. Completion of 2 Specialty Classes (Improv, makeup, technical, costume design, audition workshop, etc.)* One week of CYT Middle School/High School Camp may be substituted for one class session. 
5. Completion of 2 other Classes, any focus* 
6. Participation in good standing for 2 years membership in HYPE or documented 40 hours of community service through church, school or civic organization 
7. Participation in a minimum of 10 Productions, at least one as a cast member 
8. Participation in a minimum of one Production as a crew member 
9. Participation in a volunteer position during 1 CYT Session (such as hair, makeup, concessions, docent, ushers, strike party volunteer, etc.) 
10. Completion of a written essay on the topic of CYT values and character. See your Area Coordinator for more details on the essay requirements. 
*A completed class means fulfilling the entire 10 weeks session (with one absence allowed). Repeating the same class does not count as two classes.


CYT wants to ensure that students everywhere have an opportunity to experience the wonderful world of theater. CYT@school is a low-cost after school program that supports performing arts training in public and private schools. The CYT@school program consists of eight weeks of drama, voice, and dance training which offers sound theater art instruction while also building character. All participating students perform in an end-of-session Showcase that is literature-based while still being very popular with students. Our teachers are enthusiastic positive role models who lead and inspire.