CYT Drive-In Movie Showdown!

Have you ever wondered what the CYT shows were like "back in the day"? Back when teachers and staff were actually in the shows!? Do you ever wish you could go back and reminisce one of your favorite shows with all your CYT peeps? 

Well now is your chance! CYT Fredericksburg will be kicking off a series of drive-in movie experiences for you and your family and friends to come watch! 

The only pre-requisite is that you cast your ballot for the show you would like on the big screen. $1 = 1 vote, and share share share with the hashtag of your team. May the best show win!

Next Movie Matchup Coming Soon!

It was so good to see so many people come out to see CYT Fredericksburg’s 2009 production of Les Miserables. We can’t wait to till the next time we can get together! 

Stay tuned for more information!