Work with CYT!

CYT Fredericksburg is always seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:
  • Drama Instructors
  • Musical Instructors
  • Dance Instructors
  • Directors
  • Choreographers
  • Interns (unpaid): Costume, Music, Dance, Arts Administration, Arts Education and Marketing
All applicants must be willing to submit to a Virginia Bureau of Investigations background check. Please, no phone inquiries.


Teach for CYT!

A CYT Teacher’s Philosophy
By incorporating CYT’s Values and Objectives into everything he or she does, the CYT teacher strives to build character in students. Pre-planning, organizing, and communicating with the Artistic Director and the Area Coordinator are major steps in reaching this goal. A conscious focus on the students as individuals must be of highest priority at all times, with the content of class instruction designed to meet their needs. A spirit of servanthood is an essential trait of any CYT teacher.

Basic Function:
To train and instruct students in specified area of competence in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence.

  • Must understand CYT's Mission Statement and Values and Objectives and be willing to incorporate them when performing job-related tasks.
  • Must have theater experience and/or education pertaining to a class being taught.
  • Must show evidence of ability to use appropriate and effective methods of instruction.