Artistic Team

CYT Fredericksburg has been in the area for over 15 years. Over those 15 one of the thing that has stayed constant is our dedication to excellence on the stage. Much of that success is due to the passionate, talented, and loving Artistic Team for our MainStage productions. 

Teach for CYT!

A CYT Teaching Artist Philosophy
By incorporating CYT’s Values and Objectives into everything he or she does, the CYT teacher strives to build character in students. Pre-planning, organizing, and communicating with the Artistic Director and the Chapter Coordinator are major steps in reaching this goal. A conscious focus on the students as individuals must be of highest priority at all times, with the content of class instruction designed to meet their needs. A spirit of servanthood is an essential trait of any CYT Teaching Artist.

Basic Function:
To train and instruct students in specified area of competence in such a way as to promote the development of character, self-esteem, and confidence.

  • Must understand CYT's Mission Statement and Values and Objectives and be willing to incorporate them when performing job-related tasks.
  • Must have theater experience and/or education pertaining to a class being taught.
  • Must show evidence of ability to use appropriate and effective methods of instruction.

Work with CYT This Summer!

CYT Summer camps are coming soon! We are so excited to provide an opportunity for more of the kids in the community to grow and get excited about the performing arts. CYT Fredericksburg is looking for talented and passionate teaching artists and creators to help us out with our summer camps. Click the button to learn more about our Summer camp employment opportunities!