How do auditions work?

At CYT, auditions are an open casting call; nothing is precast. Any student 8-18 enrolled in classes is eligible to audition. Students have “2 minutes to shine”. We ask that each student prepares a 1 minute song and a monologue from the monologue list provided. A karaoke/backing track is required for your song. iTunes sells many options. Please bring a copy of your music to the audition. Our stage manager will be able to assist you before your audition. 

Students will start the process by performing their song and monologue one at time within their group (time slot). This is an open audition time where we all support each other and cheer one another on.  Then students will go to choreography in a closed session. All students will learn a selection of a dance and will have an opportunity to show off any specialty skills. 

If the directing team wishes to see your child for a specific role, they will be called back during the designated callback times.  You can see if your child is called back by checking your CYT Account (by logging into Audition sign-ups are through your CYT Account also. If there is a changes, our chapter coordinator will inform you. 

What do I need for my audition?

Students have “2 minutes to shine”. We recommend preparing a 1-minute song highlighting your vocals and acting through song. Students will also memorize a monologue and perform it for the artistic team. The monologues can be found on the show specific page of the website. Younger students are encouraged to choose a high-energy song. We recommend that you complete as much paperwork as possible beforehand. You can find forms through a link on the show's webpage. Your photo should be uploaded to your CYT account before you audition. Please make sure your rehearsal conflicts are included on your audition form.

Do I have to dance AND sing AND act for my audition?

All students act, sing and dance for CYT auditions.

Do scheduling conflict affect casting?

The directing team needs to know what rehearsals you will be missing. It is imperative that they have this information on the audition form. Absences that come up after casting will not be excused. There is no “magic number” of excused absences that will make or break getting cast, however, the more absences you have the more difficult chances of getting cast become. 

How do I sign up for an audition?

When you register for a class, the link to registering for auditions will become available to you in your CYT account. You will also be sent the link in your Welcome Letter for Classes.

May I record my child's audition?

You may certainly videotape your child's audition, though you may not record other children in your child's group.

What if my child is out of town for the audition?

If you are unable to attend auditions, we do accept video audition submissions. Please work this out in advance with your Chapter Coordinator (CC). All video submissions must be submitted before the first night of auditions.

Where are the audition forms?

Audition forms are located in the show's production manual found under the PDFs tab on the CYT Shows Page.

How does eligibility work with birthdays during the session?

On the back end, a child must be no older than 18 on the first night of their areas classes in order to participate & audition for the show. but can turn 19 during the session. A student age 7, must turn 8 by the cast party to participate in the production.

Audition Check List

1. Between the ages of 8-18
2. Registered for a class and made sure a headshot was uploaded for each family member auditioning
3. Signed up for an audition slot through your user account
4. Prepared a monologue from the attached monologue list
5. Prepared a one-minute song that has an accompaniment track without vocals.
6. Uploaded your audition song music
7. Printed and filled out the audition forms to bring to auditions
8. Have a change of clothes to bring for a dance audition. (clothes easy to move in)
9. Took a deep breath and got real excited!