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Fri, May 15 2020 12:00am - Sat, Jul 4 2020 12:00am

Have you ever thought, “How did they do that?” or “I wish I could learn more about that?” Workshops are the best way to grow your skills, try something new, and talk to some of the artists behind the scenes. For the next month and a half you can have access to 30 workshops! Some are pre-recorded and some are going to be done LIVE. Take a look at all the options below!


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By purchasing this option, you and your family will have access to all of the workshops, previously recorded and live. This link will update from time to time with recorded live workshops in case you are not able to make it.

A Day with Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins)

[LIVE May 16th @ 11:00AM] - Spend a half-hour with Mary Poppins and learn how to communicate without words! American Sign Language is gaining popularity in the theatre community as a unique mode of artistic expression and practical communication for loud or silent environments, as well as a useful ministry tool. Experienced with American Sign Language, musical theatre, and children's ministry, your host will guide your 4-7 year-olds to learn signs they will find useful in their theatre careers, as well as self-expression exercises they can practice to develop their expressive acting. Approximately 30 minutes.

Alexander Technique (Bonita Keene)

[PRERECORDED] - Have you ever thought about what it takes to support great speaking and acting, especially when you are rehearsing and performing for hours and hours at a time? You know your muscles need to be stretched and toned and taken care of as dancers/athletes, but we often neglect to learn how to take care of our vocal instrument! In this class we will be learning some basics about the breathing and singing mechanisms, and how to use the breath to help us sing with our best voice! We’ll be talking a little about the Alexander Technique and how it helps ease tension in the body, and I’ll provide some Alexander-based movements you can incorporate into your pre-performance routine. This is SO important as young performers. Learn to take care of the fragile instrument contained within you body. If you break it, you can’t get a new one!

An Actor Prepares Part 1 (Corey Holmes)

[LIVE PART 1 - May 22nd @ 6:00 PM] - From bookwork to rehearsal, to personalized warm-up: through this workshop students will gain organizational and analytical skills to help streamline their "actor's process". They will learn how to do bookwork for their script, how to set goals within their rehearsal process, and prepare a personalized physical, vocal, and spiritual warm up. Printed materials will be sent out a couple days before the workshop. Markers/colored pens/highlighters are helpful. Middle school and up; 2 hours

An Actor Prepares Part 2 (Corey Holmes)

[LIVE PART 2 - May 23rd @ 2:00 PM]

The Art of the Scene (Jessica Scott)

[PRERECORDED] - Join CYT Alum, Jessica (Trementozzi) Scott in this Scene Painting Workshop where we will be doing two different techniques! Jessica will show you how to paint a marble texture onto any surface and the basics of “trompe l’oeil“ painting! It sounds super fancy but you will be surprised at how easy it is to make any painted object look 3-dimensional! Impress your friends or fellow set committee friends with your new paint skills!

Basic Music Theory (Sarah Garner)

[PRERECORDED on June 1st] - Music Theory is crucial to any musician or artist. To help break the ice, Sarah Garner will give you the tools to understanding basic music theory.

Be the Hero of Your Own Story (Heather Overholtzer)

[PRERECORDED] - In this 30-minute interactive video session, participants will use their imagination to see their surroundings in creative ways. They will write their own Epic Fairytale Adventure complete with illustrations and Journeying Music. The video is targeted for ages 4-7. Non-writers would benefit from a helper who can write for one activity.

Better Watch Your Larynx! (Susan Holloran & Pam King)

[LIVE June 1st @ 7:00PM] - Have you ever wondered what happens when you talk or sing? How does the anatomy work to make it happen? How can you take care of your voice, especially when you are a performer? The little magic voice box called your larynx is responsible for your ability to speak and sing. In this workshop you will learn about the anatomy of your larynx and how you are able to produce speech. You will learn how to take care of your voice including what to do as well as what NOT to do to keep it healthy for performing. Students will walk away from this class with a knowledge of good vocal hygiene, the proper way to take care of your voice as a performer and some vocal exercises to keep their larynx healthy.

Cinderella Craft Day! (Cindy Richters)

[PRERECORDED] - If your 4-7 year old likes Disney princesses, and would like to spend some time immersed in all things Cinderella, then join us! We will be playing a Princess Guessing Game, reading a Cinderella Story, making a Cinderella Coach Craft, and preparing two Cinderella Snacks--Mini "Pumpkins" and Bibbity Bobbity Boo Wands. "A dream is a wish your heart makes". "Have courage, and be kind!"

Cooking with the Fitzhugh's (Caitlin and Austin Fitzhugh)

[PRERECORDED] - Austin and Caitlin take you on the journey of a lifetime, walking you through Caitlin's Grandma's famous recipe, "Corn Chowder." It's similar to most corn chowder recipes, except it's the best one! Here's why: 1. This recipe strips down the unnecessary additives, making it simple for home chefs of any experience level. No "add 1/8 tsp of smoked paprika" necessary. 2. We recommend consuming this recipe over a bed of white rice, to add to the heartiness allow for more servings 3. This recipe is made up of mostly pantry safe ingredients that are easier to come by during this uncertain time So if you never want to explore the Pinterest page again, searching through endless mommy blogs claiming to have the best recipe for this famous comfort food, then look no further! Ingredients needed: Rice, Salt & Pepper, Bacon, Potatoes, Onions, Evaporated Milk, Canned Corn (Creamed corn and/or Kernel Corn)

Dance: Hip-hop/Goldrush (Thomas Russ)

[LIVE June 2nd @ 7:00pm] - Through this class, students will develop their skills in hip hop and realize their potential in creativity through this particular style of dance, as hip hop allows dancers to be more free and express their own rhythm in comparison to other genres of dance. Will accommodate to the general level of dancing based on dancing experience amongst the students. Students will also be able to get a taste of what it's like to dance/choreograph professionally at a heightened level, more specifically shared experiences from dancing at the collegiate level. Students will be able to ask questions about what it's like in the upper dancing world to get a better understanding of what that kind of life that requires daily. Middle school and up. 1 1/2 hours

Disney Backstage (Tim Chapman)

[LIVE May 28th @ 7:00 PM] - Life after CYT. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? Leaving tech weeks, makeup, and tap shoes behind and thinking of life after Senior year? Definitely was haunting for me. But God provides beyond your wildest expectations, and I have personal proof to be able to uphold that truth. I’ve done a few professional theater productions in Virginia, and then ended up working as a Character Performer at Walt Disney World in Florida. Tune in to this life after CYT video, and I will be more than happy to share my personal story, give some tips and ideas to think about before the end of your CYT career, answer any questions about said topics, and hopefully encourage the belief that life doesn’t stop when your 19th year comes’s just the beginning.

Disney Princess Dance Party!

[LIVE June 13th @ 11:00 AM] - Do you LOVE the Disney Princesses? Come join several of your favorites for a Disney Dance Party! Dress as your favorite princess or just come as you are and be ready to feel the magic as you join the princesses for a dance party in your living room. Ages 4-7. 20 minutes long

It's Lit! (Josh King)

[LIVE June 22nd @ 7:00PM] - "I can't see the actors!" This is something no one wants to hear or say. In this workshop we will go through each of the different instruments (....yes I said instruments) that are used in the theatre. We will go over what they do, how they are used, and even talk about a little bit about design and programming the lighting board. Come on's going to be lit!

Life After CYT: Cori Briggs

[LIVE: MAY 21st @ 7:00pm] - Cori Briggs has been working as a professional actress, dancer, singer and choreographer for over 8 years. She is a CYT alum that credits a great deal of her passion and success to CYT and many of the wonderful mentors she met and worked with while there. She spent the first several years post high school teaching and choreographing for CYT and multiple other studios, theaters and schools in the area. Her first professional production was at 19 years old when she had the opportunity to be a featured dancer in White Christmas. She went on to perform professionally in reginal theaters for several years before landing at Sight and Sound theaters in Lancaster, PA in 2015. She has since worked for the company at both locations and has been a part of 7 productions including Moses, Samson, Jonah and currently Noah. She has a deep love for this company and her responsibility within it continues to grow. She is the dance captain and her choreography can be seen in their current production of Noah. When she is not working some of her passions include consuming lots of coffee and dark chocolate, event planning, interior design, anything outdoors, yoga and choreographing for outside companies anytime she gets the chance. She also loves any opportunity to speak into young, rising artists that desire to honor Jesus through the arts.

Life After CYT: Michael Brennan

[LIVE - MAY 15th @ 6:00pm] - Michael Brennan is an NYC based performer originally from Virginia. Michael has performed both nationally and internationally, notable credits include Disney Cruise Line (Disney Magic), North Shore Music Theatre (Sunset Boulevard with Tony Award winning Alice Ripley), Arizona Broadway Theatre (An American in Paris as Henri Baurel and Titanic as Jim Farrell), Virginia Repertory Theatre (Mary Poppins) and the Mac-Haydn Theatre (The Hunchback of Norte Dame as Phoebus and Damn Yankees as Joe Hardee). Michael is a graduate of Liberty University where he holds a degree in Theatre Performance. He began his performing journey in 2007 when he joined CYT Fredericksburg in his very first musical, Annie! 15 shows later, Michael knew that performing was exactly where he felt God leading him in terms of a career and has been loving the crazy ride it has taken him on. For more adventures you can follow him on Instagram @themichaelbren!

Life After CYT: Nathan Trementozzi

[LIVE June 4th @ 6:00 PM] - This is a Tips and Tricks to the College theatre experience. I will be giving some advice on how to build good habits now so that you can excel in college and beyond. I will be talking mostly about the things I have learned in college that I hope will be beneficial to any young aspiring actors! There will also be a Q & A, so feel free to ask me anything! I hope to see you there!

Life After CYT: William Cumbia

[LIVE June 4th @ 12:00 PM] - CYT Alum, William Cumbia, attended William and Mary University. During his time at WMU, William sang in an a cappella group and earned his Bachelor's degree. William is now serving in a church in Austria! Come here his story and how God brought him through CYT, college, and now serving Him overseas!

Lyric Analysis (Sarah Garner)

[LIVE May 30th @ 2:00 PM] - To educate young singers, artists, and actors in the art of analysis and it's purpose in the performing arts. To teach tips-n-tricks on how to analyze one's own repertoire. To teach artists how to "believe the words" they sing and be believable onstage. To open the floor for discussion and interpretation of lyrics from a song example in the workshop. Resources and worksheets will be provided with enrollment! As a Board-Certified Music Therapist, Lyric Analysis is a Music Therapy-based intervention (great in mental health based settings especially!), but I believe it transfers over wonderfully into the performing arts world, and is an amazing tool for teaching empathy and learning about one's self, as well as character development and giving a genuine performance! So let's break out those songs and analyze!

Monologues 101 (Imani Jones)

[PRERECORDED] - This workshop is designed to give students the tools to deliver a strong monologue. In this 30 minute lesson, we will discuss the basics of analyzing a monologue and then go over some techniques for character development. Finally, we will discuss some improv techniques and exercises students can try at home. Throughout the lesson a sample monologue will be analyzed, however, all techniques can be applied to any monologue the student chooses.

Musical Theatre VS Opera (Monica Slater)

[LIVE June 11th @ 7:00 PM] - What happens when you fall in love with one, two, or three art forms? How do you pursue them all at once, and how might you go about that in a collegiate setting? In this zoom discussion you'll hear a bit about how you might chose to paint with broad strokes when it comes to an artistic education and career, from someone who's fallen fully in love with opera, musical theater, theater, and writing, and who is pursuing all of these things in complete tandem. This discussion will be hosted by Monica Slater, who is a senior music major, writing minor, and honors student at James Madison University. First, she will discuss her journey to juggling and pursuing her different dreams, then hosting a question and answer session. Some examples of topics for questions are those about the college audition process, summer programs, voice teachers, "side gigs," career planning, beginning to sing opera, etc. This would be most helpful for ages 13+, and last about an hour.

Paw Patrol Dance Party! (Emily Williams)

[PRERECORDED] - In this workshop geared for 4-7 year olds, I am going to teach you two dances to songs from Paw Patrol. We will learn the basic dance steps and then use them in the two dances. Our younger dancers should wear two different colored socks to help distinguish left from right while doing this workshop. This workshop is presented in three parts so be sure to watch all of them.

Playwriting (Mariah Beachboard)

[PRERECORDED] - This 30 minute video reveals fun tips to liven your writing and prepare your draft for performance. It features CYT alumni performing scenes to demonstrate topic. Get ready to get writing!

Set Design (Jessica Scott)

[LIVE June 16th @ 7:00 PM] - The role of the set designer is to create a playground for the actors to play on. Join Jessica Scott as she breaks down the basics from taking the script and the director's vision to creating a beautiful scenery on the stage. You will even be able to ask questions to better understand the design.

Teacher Workshop (Mariah Beachboard)

[LIVE May 29th @ 7:00 PM] - Get tips from an experienced drama teacher who has seen it all. Learn how to help your students conquer stage fright and build camaraderie. Discover how to be firm but fun. After this class, you'll feel more confident when you step into your drama class.

The "Cast" System (Josh King)

[LIVE June 19th @ 7:00 PM] - Ever wonder how directors cast their shows? Is there really a process? Come listen to CYT Fredericksburg Artistic Director, Josh King, explain all of the ins and outs to casting a show.

Tie-Dye and Fun (Ashley and Mikey)

[PRERECORDED] - Tie-Dye and have some fun with Ashley and Mikey. After making your tie-dye stick around to learn some cool facts about Ska Music AND (if you loved our proudction of BIG FISH) learn a section of the choreography for Red, White, and True!

VISION: Director (Austin Fitzhugh, Kelly Hayes, Corey Holmes, and Hannah Taraschke)

[LIVE June 7th @ 3:00PM] - Have you ever thought about how directors can take a script and somehow put together this grand vision? Ever wonder how much work goes in to directing? Come get to know your directors in a behind-the-scenes Q&A! You will learn how each director has their own method to help tell the story and help produce character development.

VISION: Choreographer (Samantha Barrett, Ellen Konicki, Bailey Vincent-LaBarbera, and Ashley Culberson)

[LIVE June 9th @ 7:00] - Have you ever thought about how choreographers create such stunning pictures and teach such technique to their students? Come get to know your choreographers in a behind-the-scenes Q&A! You will learn how each choreographer has their own method to help tell the story and help produce character development.

VISION: Music Director (Pam King, Bonita Keene, Sarah Garner, and Jake Ramirez)

[LIVE June 8th @ 7:00 PM] - Have you ever thought about how music directors take the musical score and somehow get their casts to put together a beautiful ensemble? Ever wonder how much work goes in to music directing? Come get to know your music directors in a behind-the-scenes Q&A! You will learn how each music director has their own method to help tell the story and help produce character development.
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