Session: Spring 2021
Chapter:  Fredericksburg
Location:  CYT Online
Time:  6:00pm - 7:30pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  04/13
Ages:  14-18
Tuition:  $210.00
Open Spots:  1

Class Description

How often have you heard, or thought, that the trouble with Shakespeare is that “no one can understand him.”  And as an actor, working through all those “thees” and “thous” is hard enough, but to be expected to act out his works as though you UNDERSTAND it all?!  We’ve read the plays and seen the performances and frankly, it’s still a mystery.  So why, if Shakespeare is “so hard” to understand, is he considered one of the best wordsmiths ever?  Why are we still performing his works, hundreds of years after they’ve been written?  Why are his characters and plays considered timeless?  This class will focus on answering some of those questions by not only figuring out how to interpret Shakespeare’s writings but on bringing them to life in a full body, brain, and vocal experience.  We’ll spend some time looking at his classic works and characters, discuss his rather bawdy sense of humor as well as his flair for tragedy, and bring it all to life in a variety of virtual in-class “performances” and scene work. 

*Note - This class will involve a lot of movement and physicality, especially in the later weeks, so please be prepared to work in comfortable clothing (not a problem thanks to COVID) and to work with your camera ON.* 
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Kelly Hayes

Kelly counts herself blessed to have been able to pursue a career doing the things she loves, having earned her degrees in English, Theatre, and Education, and having used them as a teacher in King George and Stafford County. She also works with Good Mischief Makers and as a Kids Coordinator for Horizons Church. Kelly loves spending time outdoors (preferrably near water or in it), reading, playing video games, gardening, and singing and dancing in the kitchen. She counts herself blessed to have found CYT and takes great joy in helping develop the love of performing in others while encouraging them in their walk with Christ.

Location Notes:

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Class Location:

56 Joseph Mills Dr. Suite 103, Fredericksbrg, VA 22408