Session: Winter 2021
Chapter:  Fredericksburg
Location:  CYT Online
Time:  6:00pm - 7:30pm
Day:  Tuesday
Starts:  01/05
Ages:  13-18
Tuition:  $210.00
Open Spots:  0

** Registration ended January 10, 2021 at 11:00pm

This class is full!

Class Description

This class is made up of several workshops, taught by a variety of talented instructors. Each will take a week or two to teach a new aspect of the theater world. 

Here are the descriptions of each workshop:

Filling the Silence, taught by Kelly Hayes:
The lights are up, the music is off, and you are onstage with no what?  How can you convey emotion when you have no stage directions?  How can you be fully present onstage, stay in character, and fill the scene with emotion when you have no lines, no song, and no choreography?  This 2 week Masterclass is designed to give actors the tools needed to answer these questions.  The class will focus on acting technique, script scoring, and deep character exploration and is meant only for those actors who want to be challenged as they learn how to be fully present and in character onstage.  Participants need to come to class with a prepared and memorized 1-2 minute monologue* from a PLAY they have read or are familiar enough with to summarize the plot as well as their character's role within it.  Participants will also need a blank copy of their monologue, highlighters, blank paper, a pencil and an eraser. 
*Please submit an electronic copy of the monologue 2 weeks prior to the class with the play, character, and scene information included.*

How to Belt Safely, taught by Bonita Keene:
Want to learn more about your voice and how to use it? How about that Broadway belt? We'll learn to find your belting voice and safely use it!

The Improvisational Actor, taught by Keri Church:
It is no secret that there is an industry demand for skilled improv actors whom are quick on their feet and take risks with confidence. This is an improvisational workout geared towards helping actors find untapped creativity and enhance their skills as a performer. Build scenes, take risks and find unique choices that are memorable. Develop strong and exciting characters and get out of your head so you may open your eyes to new performance possibilities.

Laban Movement Theory, taught by Corey Holmes: 
Laban movement theory is an acting and dance technique that has been used globally since the 1940’s. It explores the “8 movement efforts”, how they occur naturally in the body, how they occur in nature, and how you can apply one or more to a character or in rehearsal to bring texture and inner life to your acting. Come ready to move and leave your inhibitions behind.

Landing Your Dream Role, taught by Pam King and Josh King:
Do you have a dream role? Do you know all the skills you need in order to land that role some day? This is your Master Class! During the two week session every student will choose a role to focus on.  Some of the skills you will learn is "how to know yourself as an actor", the business side of the music/theatre industry (resume/audition book, head shots, etc), how to nail your audition and callback, how to develop your character, and the prep needed to show up fully prepared!
The second week students will perform an audition for their dream role. Let's take it up a notch!

The Magical Technical Side of Theatre, taught by Charles and Rebecca Reese:
This Master Class will delve into the magical world of Set Design, Lighting, Costuming, Set Dressing, Sound, and Special Effects. Learn how important each one of these components are in helping to bring  the story to life in each show. How do you start to develop these areas for each show?  What kind of careers are available in technical theatre?  Come learn about this vital yet magical side of Theatre. 

Writing Workshop, taught by Imani Jones:
In this class, we will explore the basics of playwriting. We'll discuss how to identify a strong idea as well as how to create an equally strong first draft! 

Location Notes:

Even though there is an address for contact information, the best way to reach a staff member regarding CYT Online would be through email. Our staff members are ready to assist you with any question or concerns. 

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Thank you!

Class Location:

56 Joseph Mills Dr. Suite 103, Fredericksbrg, VA 22408